Olkhon Island (one day tour)

Duration: 1 day (12 hours)

Meal: No

Price: 7,500 rubles for a person


Departure from the city. You will be picked up from your hotel, hostel or any other place convenient for you and go on to mysterious Olkhon Island!


Transfer to the ferry crossing to Olkhon Island. On the way, will be several small stops in picturesque places


Crossing by ferry to the island. Unusual ferry connects the island with the mainland in the Olkhon gates channel. There you will see how small Sea connected with great Baikal and where is starts the strong wind Sarma, and also know how there was electricity on the island


Start of the tour to Olkhon Island. On the way to the capital of the island - the main village Khuzhir, you will go to the road along the Small Sea. The first stop will be at the Holy place Hadaiskaya mountain, where you will know what is mean “burhanit” and how to say “Hello” to the spirits. Will know why blue color is the most magical and what is Serge


Arrival to Khuzhir village. You will meet the biggest village on the island: the pier, a Church, a school, a Museum, a monument to the soldiers of the great War, viewing platform


Lunch (paid separately). You can try local and national Buryat dish – poses (buuz);


Walk to Burkhan Cape where you will see the famous Shaman rock – the main place of the island. It's a magical place where you will make the most secret and precious dream. Will visit the most beautiful beach of the island – Saraiskii beach. It is beautiful at any time of the year, and maybe you will dare to swim? You will have free time for walking, so you have time to be alone with nature of Baikal and make unforgettable photos


Departure for the ferry


The crossing to the mainland


Departure to the city


Arrival in Irkutsk

Ольхон из ИркутскаYou have a little time, but you really want to see the most beautiful place on Baikal? No problem! We will introduce you to the Olkhon Island and its customs; you will visit the most sacred place of the island – the Burkhan Cape (shaman rock).

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