Excursion to Listvyanka village

Duration: 1 day (5-6 hours)

Meal: No

Price: 4,000 rubles for a person


Departure from the city. You will be picked up from your hotel, hostel or any other place convenient for you and go to Listvyanka!


Transfer to Listvyanka


Stop on the observation deck, you will see the famous mysteries the Shaman stone, which is the headwaters of the Angara river. You will know how became the Shaman stone and why is it so popular. It place never freezes, even in winter, on the coldest days!


Cable car to the viewpoint where you see the Chersky stone. This is the top of the mountain, with a height of 755 meters, named in honor of the Explorer of lake Baikal – Ivan Chersky. Here is a viewing platform with a breathtaking view of the beginning of Angara river and Shaman stone, port Baikal and the magnificent peaks of the Khamar-Daban range. Walking and making great shots, go down and continue the journey


Visit to the fish and souvenir markets. Here you can buy gifts for yourself and friends – pictures, magnets, stones, jewelry made of semiprecious stones, birch bark products and more. And, of course, you can try local fish and take it.

Then free time. You can visit the Seal and see unique, one-world show of trained Nerpa! Or you can go to the Baikal Museum. In the Museum there are several exhibits, each of which represents scientific information of Baikal lake. You can see the diversity of the underwater world of the lake and sink to the bottom of Baikal lake in a virtual bathyscaphe, which will take you to the deepest point!

In the winter, there is the opportunity to ride on dog harness, in the summer on the boat.


Departure to the city


Arrival in Irkutsk

Экскурсия в ЛиствянкуExcursion to Listvyanka. A trip to Listvyanka it is a good opportunity to see Baikal, if you have a little time. It is a picturesque place, where is located the Angara – is the ones river that falls from the lake.

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